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DSL Internet

Connecting Point has partnered with Qwest to be a local ISP provider for DSL. Are you having to choose whether to be online or on the phone? Can you send a fax and download data at the same time? You can have these things and more with DSL. For home or office, choose the service that best suits your needs.

Like Wireless, DSL is subject to availability based upon location. Connecting Point currently offers DSL services in Norfolk, Wayne, Fremont and Omaha.

  Qwest Choice DSL Qwest Choice DSL Deluxe Qwest Choice DSL Premier
Speed 256k Down 1.5M Down 3-7M Down
Qwest Fees $15/month $25/month $25/month
CP Fees $18.95/month $21.95/month $23.95/month
Total Fees $33.95/month $46.95/month $48.95/month
 Don't have a Qwest phone line? Ask us about Stand-Alone DSL.

Modems are available for sale for $59.99, or for rent at $5/month. Qwest activation fees may vary.