Computer & Printer Repair Services

Things break. Computers are no exception. We'll help.

Connecting Point does non-warranty service and support on just about any model of PC computer, and we keep commonly used upgrade and repair parts on hand. The staff at Connecting Point can maintain your equipment to ensure that you get the longest life out of your machines, in order to get the best return on investment possible. When things do break, Connecting Point has the trained and experienced staff to repair them.

The more widespread the internet becomes, the more widespread become the diseases of the internet: spam, spyware and viruses. More than half of all service work performed on computers is due to virus and spyware infection.

We know that you don't enjoy the experience of having your computer refuse to operate. In an attempt to help in some small way, we have compiled a document outlining ways to avoid spyware and virus infections, and we're making it available here, free of charge:

Spyware &Virus Document
[Word Document] - [PDF Document]